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Applied Osteology:  A note on working with human skeletal remains

Although it is not my preference to work with human skeletal remains, I am willing and able to do so.

If you have found bones that you suspect might be human, the first thing you are required BY LAW to do is to contact your local law enforcement officials by dialing  9-1-1.  The reason for this is that if the bones you have found happen to be from a crime scene, professional investigators from local law enforcement and the Medical Examiner's office will want to ensure that no critical clues are lost.

If it is determined that the remains are, indeed, human, and also that the individual or individuals in question were not the victims of foul play, other state and federal laws may apply.  Regardless of how tedious all the legalities might seem, the important thing to remember is that ALL human remains deserve to be treated with respect.

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