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Applied Osteology:  Past Projects

I've had the opportunity to work on some really cool projects over the years.  Some of them have been published, while others have just remained in the "gray" literature (unpublished progress reports or final reports to clients).  It is important to note that relatively few of these projects have been conducted under the auspices of Applied Osteology.  Nevertheless, I have been intimately involved in the completion of all of these projects, so still feel it is fitting to list them here as an indication of the kinds of research I enjoy doing.

Zooarchaeological analysis of a Puget Lowland village site (for BOAS, Inc., with Kris Bovy) 

Northern fur seal foraging ecology (adult females)

Northern fur seal bone collagen turn-over rates (modern)

Northern fur seal bone collagen turn-over rates (ancient)

Great Basin paleoenvironments (Homestead Cave)

Bald eagle prey remains study

Prey size patterns among marine mammals

Distribution of killer whale bones and teeth in museum collections