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Applied Osteology:  Publications

Here is a list of papers that I have worked on over the past couple of years.  If the paper is available online and/or as a PDF, I have included a link to that, as well.

You will need Adobe Reader to open the PDF files.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, click here for a free copy.

Etnier, Michael A. and Charles W. Fowler.  2010.  Size selectivity in marine mammal diets as a guide to evolutionarily enlightened fisheries management.  North American Journal of Fisheries Management.  30:588-603.  Etnier & Fowler 2010 as a PDF

Good, T.P., June, J.A., Etnier, M.A. & Broadhurst, G. 2009. Ghosts of the Salish Sea: threats to marine birds in Puget Sound
and the Northwest Straits from derelict fishing gear. Marine Ornithology 37: 6776.  Good et al. 2009 as a PDF

Newsome, S. D., M. A. Etnier, Monson, D. H., and Fogel, M. L. (2009). Retrospective characterization of ontogenetic shifts in killer whale diets via D13C and D15N analysis of teeth.  Marine Ecology Progress Series 374: 229-242.  Newsome et al. 2009 as a PDF

Etnier, Michael A.  2007.  Defining and identifying sustainable harvests of resources:  Archaeological examples of pinniped harvests in the eastern North Pacific.  Journal for Nature Conservation.  15(3):196-207.  Etnier 2007 as a PDF

Newsome, S. D., Etnier, M. A., Gifford-Gonzalez, D., Phillips, D. L., van Tuinen, M., Hadly, E.A., Costa, D. P., Kennet, D. J., Guilderson, T. P., and Koch, P. L. 2007.  The shifting baseline of fur seal foraging ecology in the Northeast Pacific Ocean.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104(23):9709-9714.  Newsome et al. 2007 PNAS as a PDF

Newsome, S. D., Etnier, M. A., Kurle, C. M., Waldbauer, J. R., Chamberlain, C. P., and Koch, P. L. 2007.  Historic decline in primary productivity in the North Pacific and Bering Sea?  Isotopic analysis of northern fur seal (Callorhinus ursinus) teeth, Saint Paul Island, AK. Marine Ecology Progress Series 332:211-224.  Newsome et al. 2007 MEPS as a PDF

Morin, Phillip A., Richard G. LeDuc, Kelly M. Robertson, Nicole M. Hedrick, William Perrin, Michael Etnier, Paul Wade, and Barbara L. Taylor.  2006.  Genetic analysis of killer whale (Orcinus orca) historical samples to identify Western U.S. ecotypes.  Marine Mammal Science. 22(4):897-909.  Morin et al. 2006 as a PDF

Newsome, S. D., M. A. Etnier, D. Aurioles-Gamboa, and P. L. Koch.  2006.  Using carbon and nitrogen isotopes to investigate reproductive strategies in Northeast Pacific otariids.  Marine Mammal Science 22(3): 556-572.

Etnier, Michael A. and Jennifer Sepez.  2008.  Ecological, political, and cultural explanations for changing patterns in marine mammal exploitation among the Makah.  In Time and Change:  Archaeological and Anthropological Perspectives on the Long Term in Hunter-Gatherer Societies, edited by D. Papagianni, R. Layton, and H. Maschner, pp. 143-158.  University of Utah Press. 

Etnier, Michael A. and Charles W. Fowler.  2005.  Comparison of size selectivity between marine mammals and commercial fisheries with recommendations for restructuring management policies.  U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Technical Memorandum, NMFS-AFSC-159.  274 pp.  Available on-line:

Etnier, Elizabeth L.   2005.  Day Hiker's guide to all the trails in the Smoky Mountains.  Graphics by Michael A. Etnier.  Singing River Publications, Ely, MN.

Etnier, Michael A.  2004.  Re-evaluating evidence of density-dependent growth in northern fur seals (Callorhinus ursinus) based on measurements of archived skeletal specimens.  Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science 61:1616-1626.  Etnier 2004 CJAFS as a PDF

Etnier, Michael A.  2004.  The potential of zooarchaeological data to guide pinniped management decisions in the eastern North Pacific.  In Zooarchaeology and Conservation Biology, edited by R. L. Lyman and K. P. Cannon, pp. 88-102.  University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.

Etnier, Michael A.  2002.  Occurrences of Guadalupe fur seals (Arctocephalus townsendi) on the Washington Coast over the past 500 years. Marine Mammal Science 18(2):551-557.

Larson, Shawn, Ronald Jameson, Michael Etnier, Melissa Fleming, and Paul Bentzen.  2002.  Loss of genetic diversity in sea otters (Enhydra lutris) associated with the fur trade of the 18th and 19th centuries. Molecular Ecology 11(10):1899-1904. Larson et al. 2002 as a PDF