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Applied Osteology:  Teaching Products

I can prepare a wide range of teaching products to suit the needs of your students.  I have taught a wide age-range students--all the way from Kindergarten/pre-school up to graduate-level statistics, and everything in between.  The ability to teach at a level that is appropriate, yet challenging, for the particular age group I am working with has always been one of the most pleasant challenges of teaching that I have faced. 

Classroom visits

Curriculum development

Student research projects

Classroom visits:  Whether you are interested in a single one-hour presentation, or weekly visits throughout the school year, I can design and prepare lectures on a wide range of topics, including:  archaeology, zooarchaeology, fresh-water and marine ecology, and marine mammal science.

Curriculum development:  This aspect of my teaching is best accomplished in coordination with repeated classroom visits.  That enables me to best gauge the wants and needs of your class.

Student research projects:  One of the best ways for anyone to learn about how science works is to conduct their own research project.  I can help students at every stage of the process--all the way from conceptualization to statistical analysis to presentation of results.